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Shade Tree Shortage? NOT AT FIORE!
We will be heavily stocked on 2”- 5” shade trees to make sure we have you covered in 2014. We will maintain a good supply of Elms, Red Maples, Locusts, Ginkgos, Oaks, and Pears in all sizes. In addition, we will have a good supply of “underused’ shade trees that are worth considering: Tulip Tree, Yellowwood, Sweetgum, Kentucky Coffeetree, and Blackgum.
Fiore 2014 Spring Plant Preview

From familiar favorites to exciting new offerings, here is a look at what you'll find at Fiore's in 2014

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Successful Sourcing = A Successful Spring!
Plant sourcing at Fiore is more than underway as we work daily, hand-tagging and securing material with the Nation’s top growers! NOW is the time to get us your quotes and project needs to insure that the start of your 2014 Spring season is a success!
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