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When Size Matters!

Access is often the limiting factor when installing a roof top, balcony or courtyard garden. With this in mind, Fiore can provide a wide range of roof top reliable specimen trees and ornamentals in various size containers. Our Roof Ready Plants™ have been selected with durability, uniqueness, space, and mobility in mind. If you don‘t see the plant you are looking for on this list, please inquire, as we have a wide range of resources.
roof ready plants
#5 10.5" 11" 15lb
#7 squat 14" 10" 25lb
#7 14" 13.5" 35lb
#10 17" 11" 50lb
#15 17" 16" 75lb
#20 23.5" 13" 125lb
#25 23.5" 18" 150lb
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